Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well once the external hard drive was formatted to FAT 32 we were away with the PS3 60 to 320 upgrade. From the menu selection I told the PS3 to drop the hard drive information onto the external USB drive. It took a while to back up the 452 gig mind.

Once the backup was completed the PS3 was switched off and off came the little side panel.

To revel the hard drive itself.

Next you undo the screw holding the drive in position, nice colour coded blue.

Then you pull the leveler and slide the drive backwards.

Once disconnected you pull the unit out of the PS3.

Next you remove the hard drive from its mounting cage and replace the new hard drive in it.

Put the new hard drive in and then push it to the front of the unit.

You then fix it in position with the blue screw and put the cover back on.

You then switch the PS3 on and the system will want to format the new hard drive. At this point you may as well have a kipp.

Once it is formnatted go into setting and tell the PS3 to restore from the external hard drive.

And have a nother kipp!

Low and behold a PS3 with a huge hard drive. Now whens that Play TV arriving?


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