Sunday, July 13, 2008

When I woke up the next morning with only a few hours of sleep I realised I should have gone earlier. Did I really need a curry? Did I really need so much beer? Did I really need to wait so long for a taxi? Well I got up got in the car and my dad drove us down to the....

RAF Tatto at Fairbotough. Now you can imagine with my dad driving I took the oppurtunity to get some sleep so I never realised he drove us to Farnbrough. And once we were there we followed the signs to the car parks which you seemed not to be able to get and and so we drove up to a gate where there was plenty of people comeing and going. I asked where we parked and to the disillusion to the guard he said the Tattoo wasn't until next week. Odd I said and gave him the tickets which said Sunday the 13th. He got onto the radio and then there was major confusion, until I noticed on the ticket we where at the wrong airfield. I pointed out and we left, as it happens Fairbourgh was cancelled on that Sunday due to bad weather. But really I could have done without all this and just stayed in bed.......

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