Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Bank Holiday Walk

Monday and its time for the Great Bank Holiday walk. We take the beloved Cav to the Peak District.

Alan and Zoe stock up at the local tourist shop with energy food.

And jsut commented if I were you Nack I'd stock up your belly. Well I remember last years 12 hour walk and so went and got 2 packs of polo mints.

And so the alk was to start at hayfield, go around the west side of the resivoir and up the hil to the Pennie Way. From there we would go to Kinder Scout and Kinder Low via a waterfall.

The first part of the walk was quite simple and we headed to where...

A plaque is mounted to commerate the Mass Trespass onto Kinder Scout on the 24th April 1932 and was the start of theroots of the National Trust, I think.

But not only is there a plaque. There is also a bench, Whats it say on the bench?

Well you'll just have to find it, to find out.

The real part of the walk began.

And there was a nicely laid out path to begin with.

Although I even found that tiring. Perhaps a drink too many last night?

The pace picked up, well for Zoe and Al anyway.

We star the real climb and are warned by people coming down that it is really windy at the top.

As we joined the Pennine Way the climb really got step.

Oh course this wasn't a problem for some.

At this point a quick video of the wind and journey.

Well the air up here could be called refreshing at least.

Just over the horizon Zoe shouts she can see the waterfall.

The intresting thing is that when we see it the wind is blowing so hard that the waterfall is going upwards!

We find somehwere comfortable to sit, that is slightly sheltered and enjoy the lunch that Zoe and al prepared and kindly carried up.

Got to admit though its not everyday you see a waterfall going backwards!

What a view.

We finsihed lunch and walked across the water racing towards the watefall and over to the opposite side of it to contine our walk.

Still heading upowards but not steeply the landscape started to change.

And suddenly it was like we were on the moon. Mind you hd to watch where you walked or you would sink into the vst peat bogg.

Alan can claim the first to reach the summit.

But myself and Zoe were not ffar behind.

Great eh.

I want to know who cattird the concrete post all this way?

From here we followed a path but

Alan not longer seemd 100% sure about where or which direction we were going in.

Luckily for Zoe and myself, Alna has some kind of Duke of Edingburgh award in map reading.

And his skills seem to be being tested somewhat.

Personaly I'd like to see that ceretificate with my own eyes.

You will notice in this picture that Alan has resorted to wearing some proper weather proof clothing, as if he's planning on being outside for a fair few more hours.

Well beleive it or not we walked down there from theat summit.

Obviuosly sign posts of where you are help no end!

And all we can think about once we reach Hayfield is dinner.

Ah back where we parked the car thankgod.

sell we could find a pub in Hayfeild serving food!. And so we ended up on the Rams Head th pub we saw on Saturday.

Nicely enough Zoe took a picture of my hair which due to the wind all day had a blown kind of look!

Well absolutly tired from and exhasuting day I finall say goodbye to Alan and Zoe to have sweet dreams on the M6!

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