Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Sunday and its the National MX5 Day. With all the rain that has fallen over the last couple of days I check the web site to check it is still on. And it appears so. I collect my brother and we head off towards Beavier Castle.

The weather rains dry at least as we get closer to the venue. The loacl roads near the castle are quiet and lovely to drive along. I ponder wWhat will the field will be like to park on?

Well it was good to see we weren't the only people to turn up. Still dry mind.

I get out the magic Proshine Wash and Wax in one. It may be expensive but it certainly does what it says.

Once the car was cleaned ready for poeple to look at it I went mooching around the stores and traders. Oddly though I think I've got everything I want for it now.

We looked at the cars in the competitions.

Well I was looking for insparation actually fro something to buy and put on mine.

A rare J-Limited version.

Wem perhaps a red one would have been a better idea.

Nice shiney chrome in the engine bay.

This one is a beautiful pearlesant white. The camera doesn't do it justice.

This car has a supercharger on it. OK you may think many of them do. But this supercharger is mounted on the left (cool) side unlike most you see,

And here we have a car with a turbo charger on it. And the owner was willing to talk me through how he put it togeather , why he turbo charged it after having already tried supercharging.

Very intresting if you want to know that kind of stuff.

And here we have a couple of the Ltd 24 hour Le Mans Limited Turbo editions, 2 of 24 originaly made.

Perhaps this is the ultimate accessory I need.

Well I was getting some intrest in mine especaily off a chap whom had bought a VR Limited combination B about 3 days ago which needed some tender loving care.

I was still in search on insparation though.

And this was it. What I need is a castle to park my car outside of.

Can you beleive this chap had driven down from Sctoland for the day!

We wonder around for a while more while the rain kept away.

And even had to recheck out this car with its wonderful paint job.

Talking of paint jobs I finaly get the Mazda colour code if I want some paint as the VR Comination B had a unquie BRG colour not used on other MX5s.

Well when we exhausted the show it was time to climb back into the car and leave before it rained.

On the way home we decided to go to the Snowdome for a look around. I heard they were doing it up. But what a surprise we had when we got there.

The whole car park had turned into a lake.

Right up to the main entrance!

Inside there was something different, can you spot it???

I pondered if they were going to do anything else too.

Well there is a big sign up.

Well with nothing else much doing we left the wet water snowdome and headed home for dinner and a rest.


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