Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Having such a late night takes its tool and as usual I get up late. I look out the window to be greeted by sunshine.

Zoe and Alan are desperate to give me some exercise. And so we catch the train to somewhere. It takes the ticket sales man 3 stations before he comes along to give us a cracking 3 ticket return deal. Only when we check the tickets of course they're not valid for the full trip home!

We get off and Alan shows me where we are planning on going. But this is halted for a short time as Zoe need the loe.

This takes us past the Rams Head and onto yet another pub where we all go to the bar toliet and settle on the setties for a while watching repeat Top Gear.

Although comfy I'm encourage to move. I don't mind that too much but our walk is going to be long and uphill.

We eventually reach the cage. Odd really because its more a tower than cage to me.

We go in the door, which has some resemblance to a cage door I guess. And then we head up the stair case.

From the top you can see miles and miles around. How lovely.

Well as we move on from here there is only one way to go and that is down hill.

And off we go towards Lyme Park.

Apartently if you leave here this is the place to come!

On the other hand if you fancy a cup of tea you are better off heading this way.

And there is something so nice about having tea outdoors with friends.

Once refuelled we headed around the grounds of the hall. My wouldn't Les love to get his lawn mower out here.

Alan sees some nice fungus and takes a phoyo of it.

While I spy on a wild raindeer. Well as wild as you get in Britain.

I have no idea what they were looking at? When I peaked over there was nothing there apart from a stream..

As we walk futher and further there is a tower in the distance, unfortunatly time is against us and so we don't detour towards it.

We start our walk back which is intialy uphill back towards the cage.

We then take the road way back to the station.

Here we relax and wait for the train.

During which time I admire the rubbish on the rail lines

We get home eventually and head on out to The Thatched House.

and Alan brought me here to enjoy the Rock music.

Which was actually realy good, along with the ale.

No need for karaokie in here.

Mean while Zoe and Caroline practice their pool game playing.

The journey home is somwhat wet. Alan goes a home a different way via some chippie and eventually catches us up by running down the road and having eaten his chips. This can only mean our route was the longer option??? And therefore more wet too.

Home and it was not time for bed. Nope, out came the poker table. Things were going really well actualy if you check out me stack of chips.

And the pile got bigger and bigger.

Things for Darren weren't looking so good, but he would give up.

And eventually in the early hours shock horror Zoe and myself were all out.

Perhaps what Darren didn't cxonsider was maybe I wanted to go to bed!


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