Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday night and a few of us go out straight from work for a few beers first at The Old Joint Stock and then a curry. By the time we have the curry I'm bladdered but there is always room for a Cobra. From here we go to the Sunflower lounge for a while before it is time to head home.

I can't believe it, the train fare home is only £1:50.

Well a train is in the station and so I get on it and although it is ment to have already left it satys put for another 20 mins. A chap comes and sits next to me and we get talking. Eventually we get to just outside Wolvo station and I get him to let me out. At the end of the carrage I get talking to yet another stranger and here is where I make a mistake. I thought the train had stopped outside the station but in fact being on one of the end coaches it had stopped at the end of the platform in a dark area. Anyway the train pulls off and to my amazement goes through the station. A chap I was sitting next to has got up to go the the bog and sees me and enquires why I havn't got off the train. Well its one of those things and just tell him I'll get off at Stafford and have a pint their. This seems to bemuse him and he tells me he is getting off at Stafford too. We then leave the Stafford station and get a taxi to The Picture House. He ponders what I'm going to do from here and I let him know my brother lives in Stafford. Hes seems completely amzaed at my easy going attidue to the situation and one pint tunrs into many many more. I do eventually get to my brothers and home the next day about 1pm!

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