Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday and its nice and Sunny. Which means I can get on with putting the Cav back togeather.

I've got some new engine mounts ans so took these off. And for those that don't know what engine mountes are they are rubber things which keep the engine in place in the engine bay but cut the vibration down.

This is the rear engine mount and as can be seen it is oil contaminated, not good as oil and rubber do not mix. Looked easy in the book but what the book failed to mention is that the gear linkage is fixed to it which made getting this one off a right sod of a job.

This one is from the cam belt end of the car. And it doesn't look bad. But it is in fact splitting around the outer edges.

And the last one, the one that holds the gaerbox end in position. Nowt really wrong with this one.

I get the new feul pump on the car and

install the new timing belt kit which also includes two new bearings. Well the old one had never been replaced. All I got to do now is await the timing adaptor which is coming from the USA as they are no longer available in the UK!

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