Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday and well I was ment to be visiting my mom this evening only when i took my contact lense out not all of it came out. So as the eye infirmary closes at 5pm it was off to A&E to have them see if they could get it out!

Brillant you see about a third of the lense decided to site behind my eyeball. After about 2 and half hours I was seen by a nurse whom turned my eye lid inside out and got some tweasers. They went way back behind my eye lid / ball which didn't half make me flinch the first and second time. At wich point they offered to put my eye asleep. Bum to that just get the flaming thing out. And so they did. A quick eye test later and I was on my way with the kind words your eye my swell up and be sore for a few days. But at least I know its not still in there.


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