Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well another day and I was hoping to get the Cavalier fired up after yesterday. However with the starter motor in place and all the piping sorted to fire her up she would turn over but nothing else.

It sound healthy enough but just turned over as if no feulk was getting into the engine. Les turned up and went and got some feul with my brother. I took the feul filter off and put the desiel in a bottle and the filter straw directly into the bottle. But to an avail no feul was being pumped out. I checked the power to the soleniod and it was there. So even though you could hear the soleniod clicking I changed it for the one that was on my original pump. Cranking and cranking made no difference it was sucking. I'd all but giving up when I decide to feed the pump feul by the waste outlet pipe. Some went down there and you could hear some gurggling. So I pursited and pursited and suddenly out of the blue there was a loud bang. I turned the igination off and had a look under the bonnet.

Tried her again and nothing then a huge cloud of smoke and rumbling she came back to life. The Cav 1.7TD Isuzu lives once more. Its heart is alight. Mind it took that long there was no time to finish things off. I left it running for a while. It made my dad which I thought was going to end with thats it I've had enough of this......


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