Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well the special socket set from sealy finaly arrives to remove the vauxhall cavailer TD inlet manifold. Its a 1/4" sq drive spline socket set and the one need in particular is 8mm. Its in fact easier to remove than I thought it was going to be, however I can tell that putting it back togeather will be a nightmare.

With the manifold off you can now see the pump, and so start the engine to see where it is leaking from. I was hopeing it was just a joint I could see before but alais there is no obvious answer.

And so I carry on stripping the engine down. From here it is essentaily a cam belt change and then the hard bit which is getting the sproket off the pump bebore being able to remove the pump.

While it rains I'm enthuiastic about getting the job sorted and so I mabnage to set the timeing up and finish at the point of sprocket pulley removal. Wet cold and now tired I pack up ready to go and see my mom.


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