Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back with the Cav and it was out with the injectors. Well so I thought

The injector on cyclinder one was being a sod even though it had been soaked for several days with WD40. In fact things got worse and the return feul rail broke. And that also ment I couldn't get the spanner on the injector as the feul return rail ring was seized on. bummer.

Well with it broken I continued and got the rest of it off. I pondered what to do about this as fgetting a replcment may not be so easy for such an old car. Anyway I got all the injectors loose apart from injector 1, so I had two things to ponder. Where do I get another return feul rail from for an 1.7TD Isuzu engine and how the hell am I going to get the sized feul rail return ring off so I can actually get the injector out?


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