Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do you remember Mobile Windscreens came round in September and replaced my rear windscreen at around 8:30pm? Well having had the car on the road for a few days since I noticed the rear window would no longer demist. I consider for a moment that I may have let some experts touch my beloved car.

When I got a moment one dinner time I took off the boot window surround and what did I find the experts had done.

For those of you who can't see....

They seemingly expertly didn't bother fitting the wires on the positive side. Now this really is bad. For anyone who realises that the rear heated window will in most case take its power directly from the alternator for the high current drain and hence the thick wire. If it wasn't for a fuse then this could have been the end of the car in in a huge electrical firse. The seperate metal tab it joins onto I pulled out of the insert hole.

Of course the earth side was no better. The wire simply snipped.

Well I sorted the wiring out myself. The only way in this world you can garantee you don't get fucked over. It works now oddly. I just hope the connection doesn't come off and no I haven't just tapped the wires togeather....

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