Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday night comes and after being in the hospital I go to town where I have arranged to meet Beardy at 9pm in the Hoggs Head. I got there early at 8:15pm and he is no where to be seen and I did tell him to give us a call as soon as he was in town. However I forgott that I had turned my phone off and low and behold he had called and left a message. He was in fact somewhere in the Hogs head too. Anway it was time for tea so over the road we went to Jivan's Balti House.

I think this may well be Beardys second ever curry and he amazed me as when the waitress asked if he wanted it mild or medium he asked for it mild! Good god. Me and my brother went for a hot Jalfrazi as usual. And so the meal consisted as well of 6 popadums with sauces, I chilli nan, two normal nans, several Cobra beers and two chilli pakoras for a tidy sum of 36 quid.

We decided that we needed to wash the food down with a further beer or two in the Posada. What a way to finish the night. Well it would be but my Dad took my borther home and then we went to Tesco Extra in Stafford. I remember wandering the ailse staggering around and leaving with 4 new pillows! It was 2:30am when I got home. Comfy though!


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