Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Friday I sent my old passport off for renewal via first class post. None of the post office checking stuff. I thought I'd be waiting 4 weeks and would be cutting it a bit fine for my holiday to Morzine. However I was wrong and it was with me on Wednsday! Thats 3 working days!

Here it is then my new passport. Phew waht a photo!

The one it replaces which was overused, water damaged, dog eared and the plastic coating coming off - to which I had been told its no longer valid and I should let you back into the country. Of course I would have liked to say how wants to come back to Britiain its full of illegal imigrants that some customs arse let through. But thats that.

And the one prior to that where I look young.

After all these years I've only ever got a few stamps. One for the USA.

One for visiting and leaving Cyprus.

Snd teo for the Cheq Republic before it was in the E.U. one for entering by plane and one for entering by car.


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