Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday morning I popped around my brothers to take a look at his new fire place. Well it looks stunning and has really changed the ambience of his front room. And it warms the house up much much better than the last one thank god.

That afternoon I was back under that bonnet for few hours. A magic spanner and the ring was out. Then ~I managed to get the injectors out.

But the sodding fire washeres that are squashed between the injectors and the cylinder head were the next problem. Would they come out. Would they? Nope so I decided to leave them in and talk to the Deisel Injector Specialist if it was an option to just leave them in.

And here are all four injectors bathing in WD40. Not a pretty sight.

And here we have injector number 1. And the end that squirts the deisel out into the combustion chamber.

Injecotr number 2.

Injector number 3

Injector number 4.

Well once I had managed to get all that deisel out of my hands I went to see my mom in hospital and then on up town to celebrate North's birthday. Gulp thats a lot of beer this weekend....


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