Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday morning and we awoke to the first true frost of the year. The feild next to the house was totaly white.

The good old Enuos was encrusted. Today though I wasn't going to work but going out to a factory to see another car being built.

We were off to Malvern to have a tour around the Morgan factory to see the cars being hand built.

A map of the offical route they like you to keep to.

We go to reception sign in and then have a muoch at the cars outside

This one has a nice long bonnett

And some pretty eyes

The modern Aero with the aluminium chasis.

Erm its a bit more American butch

Ah back to the old gracful lines.

This is essentaily the ready to delver room. So if you've ordered one you may well spot it.

If you check out the cars you'll notice that only one of them has air conditioning fitted. Its the green one at the front. But I wonder if the air condition pipes on this Morgan are not a little too open to the elements at the front of the car.

Nice to see the Union Jack flying in the back drop.

Well after having a look around the factory where they'd rather you didn't take photos we had anopther look around outside.

Although my uncle said he prefered the older version he seemed quite taken with this one.

Erm nice in a way.

Personally I'd prefere the rag top version.

I like the long bonnets.

The old ones remind me of All Creatures Great and Small. Can you remember that one.

The thing is the longer you are here the more you want one.

And while there are no prices around I already know there too expensive to buy one.

HAving a look round I ponder...

Where are the keys? Is it locked? Can it be hot wired?

Easier to take this one but theres no seats!

Or body shell. Someone obvously wanted a cut price one with no options what so ever.

Anyway the day at the Morgan Factory was enlightening.

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