Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well Autovaux came up trumps eventually. The first parcel they sent seems to have got lost but after I called them they eventually sent me out another set! Thankgod. Well above is shown the new feul return rail and inlet manifold gasket.

First we have to position this washer in the injector. The holes allow he fuel to pass through it to the fuek return rail. Now it seems obvious to me the get SVO through these tiny holes on a cold morning may well be to much for the old pump.

I suppose you could drill them out but I'm not going to bother. Anyway you can see how they fit under the rail like so.

They are placed on the top of each fuel injector

Then the fuel rutrn rail is postioned on top and the injector nozzels put into position and tightened. the engine is then tried and yippe it still works!

Would apper it does!

Well while the manifold is off its time to remove the famous white ring from the fuel pump to give the car more ooooph.

First undo the top cove plate of the pump. There are four bolts.

One of the bolts also holds on a return pipe and until you can get this out of the way you cannot remove the top.

The other end of the pipe enters the pump here.

The union joint is easily removed with a spanner.

Once loose, unscrew it with your fingers.

When finaly unscrewed remove it

along with the pipe.

Now the cover plate can be removed so that you can see the black diaphragm.

Do NOT remove the diaphragm yet.

You need to mark its position. Very important or things aren't going to run properly later! See red pen mark.

The diaphragm can now be removed, by lifting straight up.

The diaphragm is connected to a plunger which controls the fueling. Under the diaphragm there is a white ring. Can you see it?

Perhaps this is a bit clearer.

Slide the white ring down the plunger stem and remove.

How exciting this is. I can add it to all the other bits that I took off the car and yet don't seem to have a home on the car to be put back on to!

Replace the pluger and diaphragm so that it is the correctly marked position.

Put the caover plate and pipe back on, then the whole manifold back on and pray the car will now work.


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