Saturday, November 08, 2008

Well the plans for the weekend changed. Friday night and the Ward Sister advises that if it is ok with us my mom can come home for the day being collected in the morning and then being taken back to the hospital for 5pm. And so a lot of the day is spent with my mom and also sorting out the garage. Now this has needed doing for years. and lathough it was raining I just got on with it.

Its still very busy in there but at least you can get at everything now.

sunday and as my mom coped so well at home on saturday we are allowed to have her at home on Sunday. We take her to look at my brothrs new fire place and then go to the Rainbow for dinner. Today it is raining raining raining. I decide to have a visit to the Lidle in Blackhalve Lane. And what a nice surprise its was. Clean airy tidy and pleasant. I got 3 items, a new torque wrench for 13 quid. A crimping tool set with lots of crimps for 4 quid. The crim end s in Halford would have been a tenner! And the item I went especialy for which was a special type of car battery charger for 12 quid. Oh my day was complete!


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