Monday, November 10, 2008

Well with all my lovely Jet Mathmos Lava lamps going I was in the mood for sorting out some Xmas lights. Now I saw this box of 50 multi coloured lights and wondered if they would be any good. Afterall solar is Green and you can place them nearly anywhere.

So here they are set up in the room. First you have to let them recharge for 3 days in the sun. But hey they will have stuck in a low mAh AA battery so sod that and put in a spanking 1800mAh one instead.

I placed the solar charger in the catus plant pot.

Then I put them one test for several days and nights.

Now I didn't hold much joy that they would stay on to long but infact on one morning I got up and they were still flashing away merrily. So are they any good. Well they do function well but you may well ant to use a decent mAh AA cell and not the ones that come with them which is a low low low 600mAh. (obvousliy though you need sufficent day light hours to charge up the larger powered battery). The bad new I think though is the legth of cable that the 50 LEDs are on. They are spaced on 2.5m of cable! With an extra 1M to the solar cell which is ok. so for a small tree outside you need 3 of these kits!


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