Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday night and Poade popped round to ask if I would mind getting round his house by 9am for a cup of tea. And oh yeah some hard graft too.

Something to do with moving a lot of cement. By god those wheel barrows weigh a ton, I didn't wan to mind though as Bill was doing just as many as me and not complaining. He didn't sweat as much as me either. At least it was a beuatiful sunny winters morning.

Its gone a bit foggy in Morzine.

But in Les Gets it deep and white!

And in Avorzia too. I'm so excited. I was hoping to go to Chill Factore or the snowdome to break my boots in.

And while it was sunny outside I decided to move the Maplins solar panel LED lights to the tree at the bottom of the drive. Can you see them?

Well here a close up of the solar panels. I could leave these in all year round I guess!

All nicely cable tied in. Although 5 sets isn't enough I think. I'll have to try them later when its dark - just a test not have them on - its still too early yet.

From the drive to the Weatherspoons pub opposite the Grand Theater. OOOOhhh I was so excited because.

I was going to see Peter Pan with the Greenies and Martins.

In fact I loved it. It had the two crankies in it oh brillant, I even got shot by a big cannon ball! The show stars Paul Nicholas as Captin Cook & Jack Montgomery as Peter and Isobel Hathawy as Tinker Bell. In fact you can read about it here.....

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