Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Got up early this morning and took the Eunos to have its air conditioning system to be looked at. I dropped it off at Mazcare and then caught the bus from heathtown into Wolvo so that I could go to Vision Express.

The new contact lense was put in my eye and immdeiatly felt oh so much better but could I see. Well yes. thank god at last. I went for a walk around town bought some Christams cards and returned to have it rechecked. All seems OK.

Remember that tin of paint from Jawels Paints. Well it matched brillantly. Can you see where the car has been repainted now?? It might have been twice the price of Halfords paint but at least its the right colour!

After town I headed over to Tamworth to go to meet Matt at the Snowdome. They have demotted me from a member to a registered user, probably because I havn't been a member for some time.

I expected to be late getting there but in fact I got there before Matt accompanied by a text saying hell I've missed the motorway junction,

followed by a second one saying just how far is the next junction.

One ponders that perhaps if he had his eyes on the orad rather than on the phones keys while he was driving he might have seen the junction in the first place!

We went to pay when I realised that I had forgottne the 2 hours for one vouchers. Luckily enough though I spotted the flyer by the cash desk and said can I use the voucher in this please. And we did. It was great to get a chance to use my new boots, and they seem good and comfy

And its made me really excited about going to Morzine soon.

I gave Matt some tips on where he was going so wrong.

He listened and things improved. He's even left his board with me so I can make some adjustments ;) te he.

At the top I did so enjoy watching him put on his ride bindings each time.

As part of the continuning improvements of the snowdome, they have got one part of the wall murual up so far. They are obvously funding this with the new parking charge. Brillant idea - next time I park on the deul carriage way.

It was a great day out though. Charmed I'm sure.

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