Saturday, November 29, 2008

Starter motor 2 came and it was cold outside.i got up early to go to the optians. On the way I saw Mrs Poade at the bus stop and collected her and off we went ot Wolvo. At the opticians she had called in sick, and then they couldn't find the contact lense either. I got my hair cut and then went back home. It was stiol cold outside and I considered putting the starter moto on. and considered it again. and then....

I got on and did it. Surprisingly its not quite the same but it does fit. and more importantly it does start the car up pronto. And so I felt some what better.

Once I was back indoors I turned on my lava lamps to warm me up and

calm me down. I was ment to have gone and seen matt as it was his birthday but I was also going out else were too.

Well here's my hair cut after being washed. Went to the sportman, nice in there these days.

And so the night moved on and I went into Wolvo to the Civic Hall....

With a beer between my legs on the secind row to the front I awaited the one and only.....

Jimmy Carr. Well what a few hours of great entertainment that was. i nearly forgott about the gig it was so long ago it was booked.


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