Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday and I got up with the anticipation of having a tinker with the Cavaliers timing. I said good morning to the cat...

I looked out of the window and said to the cat it looks cold out here you know.

She even got up to have a look herself.

I hope those light I put in the tre are ok.

And so the cat went back to bed and I decided to put the PS3 on and wait till it warmed up a bit.

I thought I'd never use the Playstation store but in fact I do. And last night I had it download GTI. Club. For some reason it is on a limited time offer of £9.99 so I could not resist.

From this screen shot you probalby don't recognise it but its an old arcade classic, now brought back to life on the PS3 with online playing yeah ha.

Other games I have brought from the store in the past are Champion Sprint, with online game play again.

Wipeout HD a downloadable game only, again with online play.

Siren Blood Curse, a horror play movie.

Pixel Junk Racers - a bit of an odd ball game that oddly works.

And an old old classic and the first game I had with my original Playstion Destruction Derby. My it seems old now!

By mid day the cav had defrosted and the sun was out. So I got the spray can out and the ramps and got to work.

And here we have the bottom of the fuel pump. You'll notice the marks on it. I roated it towards the engine and it made some difference. And then I tried it in the other direction and that made it misfire. So I moved it back again and tieghted it up. A bit hit and miss but hopefully this will make the pump timing on the old Isuzu 1.7 Td happier. A week of work will see.


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