Monday, December 01, 2008

You might well say......

its cold outside.

anyway I go to work in the Cav and give it a go in these siberian conditions before the big one to the alpes.

When I get home the book I oredered from Amazon 'World snowboarding Guide" had arrived. Yippee. its full of mainly one page descirtions of places to go for snowboarding along with an overall score. More to the point it had the Russian resorts in. Even Krasnaya Polyana which it states as I've already found is the Russian version of Frances Courchevel. in fact its got loads of odd ball places you've never heard of or if you have have never seen them in a nother guide book. Its not in depth on anything but just gives you a quick snippet of them all. Or of course you could just visit their web site here. But then you may find you need to buy the book first ;)


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