Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday night I watched the Jamie Oliver show regarding where our bacon comes from. As usual its best not to think about these things but without these informative shows nothing will ever change. So most it comes from Holland and Denmark. And guess what the conditions are so bad although to EC rules that they don't show him the majority of the farms the meat is grow in and only their most modern farms. However buy British grow bacon with the tractor on the front of the pack and they live a better life. Not great but a least much better.

And so Saturday morning I get the frying pan out, and the bacon. I turn the Somefield packet of bacon over just like Jamie Oliver said and asked myself, how much of this bacon is actually pork!

Well if you can read the label it's 87% and if you go and look around the supermarkets most of the cheap stuff is around this.

Anyway its dead now so I'll eat it but from now on its Great British bacon that is 97% or above pork only for me and I'll pay the extra. What is this shit they're injecting into it?

I head over to Hobie craft to get some links for my moms neckless she broke. A couple of quid later and it was good as new.

You know after keeping the Cavalier all these years I'd forgotten how useful it was with my nan when you need a wheelchair with you.

Never thought I'd need to use it for a wheelchair again but I remembered that unlike most cars if you take the one rear passenger seat down the wheelchair just fits in the space nicely. The seat belt clips around keeping it in position. So what I guess your thinking? Well you can still get 2 passengers in the car in comfort and 3 at a push. And with that you can still do a supermarket shop or what ever as the boot is empty and not oddly filled with a wheel chair.

The weather was cold cold cold but I still got outside with my dad and sorted out installing the security camera system we have bought. Yep it cost more than the cavalier is worth but at least with pictures you can hunter those F***K**s down.

Saturday night was finished with the first of the Dinner Club meals. We were going to the Littleton Arms only to find out at the last minute that we weren't, but instead were going to The Bridge in Penkridge. A few beers in the Railway Inn and then the Littleton me and Gaz actually had a Curry for dinner there which I followed off with the cheese board. Before you knew it the night was over and well I'd obviously had one drink too many.


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