Thursday, January 22, 2009

I collected my car from Mazcare after having the new evapourator fitted to the air conditioning system.

By the time I had got to work the air conditioning had stopped working. To be honest I was not suprised. I told them originaly I had a leak and if you don't repair a leak what happens when you fill the system up and use it so it pressurizese??? It all leaks out again doesn't it?

And people wonder why I hate taking my car to the professionals. Anyway it went back and now a new pipe is on order. Way Hey. I'd look for the leak myself but its bitterly cold out there so I'll leave it to the the professionals to professionaly empty my wallet.

Well things at work were getting a bit hetic on Friday and at one point I had 6 people at my desk! I just could fit them all in the photo! So as you can imagine I was glad when it was the weekend.

To chill out I took my mom to Codsall to do some shopping and have a coffee in the newish coffe lounge there.

I new I'd finally managed to relax when I reutrned home with 6 new ties, along with a superbly brillant on for pink Friday! Not that I'd wear it anywhere other than work!


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