Thursday, January 08, 2009

One bitterly cold night Beardy and myself climbed into my Eunos and headed off into the far outback called Telford. For here in the backwaters of Madley High Street, hidden between the shops in the aging 70's precinct is a magnificent building were the once know banded called Pris were playing their first gig of the year now know as The Eves. OOO the excitment was overwhelming.

Once inside the working mans club we met Les and Jon the drummer. They looked excited too.

Greg and Naught Norf considered if this was going to be their best gig of the year so far?

Graham just wanted the noisy shit that was playing right now to be turned down a bit....

There was a change of bands and with it a change of music style.

I wish Les had told me that I might need some ear plugs but oh no he didn't

It was written all over Grahams face - and we thought the last band were bad!

Greg wasn't letting it get to him. He was focused to give his best performance yet. This was the biggest venue they had played and it was going to rock like never before.

Not from their music but from Naught Norfs snoring!

When Naught Norf comes round he declares it would be good if they could all agree on a play list.

At last its that time when they disappear back stage and.....

the lights go down....

The Eves start playing, a vibe starts around the place and Les is running around in a humorous manner.

Though all the trormour they remain calm and professional and pull off a neat act.

Theres something about live music you can't beat.

You just can't tell how its going to turn out on the night, which what makes it so individual.....


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