Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday night at 2:45am my car alarm goes off. Now my Cav alarm never goes off by mistake so it was obvisou that someone had been messing with it. Me and my dad looked out of the window and sure enough the alarm was going off and the properity security light was on so someone had taken an intrest in it. There was no one about of course. And it wasn't until the morning, until the damage could be seen.

And they had gone for the old trick which works on most cars of pulling the top of the window down.

A right foot on the door handle as this is the strongest point.

It looks like they tried the car because of its age I guess, as this year and before of the Cavalier doesn't have an alarm or imobilser as standard. Oh course mine does have both fitted, so I guessing when it went off they ran away surprised. And now the deadlocks my car was also fitted with are put on every night so if they try it again and pull the internal tab up nothing will happen. What is the world coming to when Cavaliers are in demand to be stolen. Anyway reported to police.


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