Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday night they reckoned it was going to snow and it did. And oh course everything in the country came to a stop.

I headed off to work down the motorway towards Birmingham. And while the roads look ok only the one lane is safe to travel in.

Well it snows all day, and after a bit of trouble with us all getting off the car park we head for the streets of Britain knowing that the councils will have done a grand job of keeping the roads open just like the schools.

Well they were open but the condition of them was something to be desired. The M54 was nose to tall 20mph crawl and with the icy road it was hard to keep in one lane.

Once home the snow kept falling. So it was a night in and enjoying some PS3 for a change. I had considered going to the gym but that could wait until tommorrow.

I was all for the cats attitude but she had also stolen the PS3 controller and was sleeping on it!


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