Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday and I wake up to see snow. Aparently we are getting 10 inches more today! Horray.

The garden looks so nice in white. If only it would stay.

And personlay if we 10 inches I'd eat my shoes. These weather people havn't got a clue anymore, they just rely on what there computers are telling them. Bring back Mike Fish I say.

Outside I've got to scrap the Cav again. Oh the joys of the cold weather.

Would love to get the MX5 out but our road isn't realy suitable for a rear wheel drive car with LSD.

If only all the roads in the country looked like this then there would be little point getting up for work.

But between here and Birmingham they seem to have got their act togeather and put enough salt down to keep the ice and snow melted.

The good thing about the snowy weather though is the roads are empty so you can get to Birimingham in 20 minutes. Oddly the last couple of days I've actually got to work on time!


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