Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well for those of you who pondered why has the blog stopped being written part of it was to do with lack of time and a PC upgrade which went a while. But here we have a dual core PC - two graphics cards for 4 monitors, 7 fans, and more than enough memory.

I even gave Vista a go for a short while but most of my hardware is so old that the companys havn't written and arn't going to write new compatable drivers. So while XP won't use the hardware on the mother board so well at least my scanner and stuff will work.

I even found time to put my snowboarding gear away and put the new stickers on my boards tail end. Great eh ;)

That night, Beardy, Rob and myself went to the Bull for a few pints with Gaz and Sarah. Oh course I hadn't absorbed what Gary's last email had said and so I went straight to the Bull and not to the Station as we agreed and I'd forgotten. As a double whammey we got there early so I got some pints in for us all including Gaz and Sarah and Texted them that we were in the Bar. I noted the bar as this was where the only seats avaiable were and I know Gaz and Sarah usualy sit in the lounge bit. Hence when I got a text off Gaz of where are you and I repsonded in the Bar bit! He said I've checked both bars your not. Then it occured to him that he needed to go outside in the bitter cold and hurry up the road because I'd forgtton to go to the station first and there beers were getting warm. Luckily though I got them extra cold Carling.

We finished the night off in the Curry House across the road. I can't recall much about it other than Beardy had a curry again, and the dinner club was a goer. The night was nice one, having gone away for New Years it was good to see Beardy, Sarah and Gaz in the pub, it made me happy....


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