Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm a very lucky boy because the Lilly Allen Ablum I ordered a week back has come. Wee, not as instantly likable as the last album which always reminds me of the spring, but very good. The F you song is obvously not needed but also good. Doubt somehow we will be hearing that on the radio.

I have also got a book on Poland. Well there some really intresting stuff and places to see over there, so I thought I'd read up on the place. The language seems to be a bit of a barrier though! I'm not joking!

And finaly this items also came though the post. Do you know what it is? Can you even guess.

Well it came from the usual ebay and is an item you don't see ever. They are in fact a set of bass thumpers that were installed in only a few Eunos's. They actually fit in the seats and then thump your kidneys to the base beats of your music. erm sounds wonderful but it will have to wait unit the summer before I strip the seats to do this job.


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