Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Well the weather is still cold.

Deep cold, no what I mean?

So I thought I'd take some photos of the ice. Nice ;)

Braving the cold though was a bird balancing on the tree outside. Not a bird I'd ever seen around these parts before.

I on the other hand decide to stay in. And why not I've got Fallout 3 and I've got to say I'm completely addicted. #There just arn't enough hours in my life to fit all this palying time in. And some how I have found my dad really quickly in the game. I'm just hopeing not to finish it too quick.

My cat however is getting all moody about being ignored infavour of the PS3 gamepad.

OK so I don't stay in all weekend. In fact I go to town with me mom and head into Beatties (as it will always be known to me anyway). Here I admire the over head view from

the coffee lounge. Nice and quiet in here.

Luckily the coffee and snacks are much better than the view.

So what did I buy on my outing. Well 2 more cushions for my sofa which I guess I didn't really need. But now have!

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  1. If you finish the main quest THE GAME ENDS. Completely. Utterly. You'd have to start it again to do the side missions.



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