Saturday, September 05, 2009

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Friday night I got home and just before I was going to call a few people to see if they wanted to go to the pub, I got an email infroming me I'd wona roofbox. Now I've bidded on that many Halford 580L roof boxes I'd completely forgot about.

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So having spent £110 out of the blue I decided to stay in, for preparation for collection from Swinton in Manchester.

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Its huge. In fact we had problems getting it fixed on the car.

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On the way home we stopped at the Chill Factore park and had lunch in the weathspoons there.

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And a dam fine meal it was too.

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Later we picked my brother up and took the box on a trip to Tersco. Not that we used it. In fact this was the smallest shop we had done for a while.

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