Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DSC00359, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Can you see a difference to the last pics of my car? Probably not.

DSC00356, originally uploaded by nackuk.

The Chips Aqay man came today and finally got rid of the scratch and dent my dad put in it last February. I cannot believe time has gone by so quick.

DSC00357, originally uploaded by nackuk.

I've also had the scuffs on rear arch and mud flap, from where someone hit my car in a car park at some time and thought I'll just drive off then. You shits.

DSC00355, originally uploaded by nackuk.

And I've had the scratch done in the front bumper when the handbrake wasn't on enough and the car ploughed into their garage door... oooo whoops. So now I have a lot less money in my wallet but a smarter car.


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