Saturday, September 19, 2009

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I was bored last night so I gave Beardy a call and we went to the pub.

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Oddly Beardy had already been to the pub earlier and had 3 pints, so he was already merry.

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This morning I had recieved a letter in the post. Bot a bill but some litriture about Stockport and its amaxing ale trail.

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So I put some effort in to the drinking to practise for the event. Baerdy found something riveting to read.

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Seems it was the Christmas menu. Perhaps he is consdering organising it this year afterall.

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The the walk home is long, and Beardy insists the way home via lightash lane is by far the quickest. I do note that there is no phone box half way tyo call Shimla Balti House. Oh the good old days.


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