Monday, September 21, 2009

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Sunday the box was collected and then I went to Stafford shopping as it was a nice day.

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We sorted out a headboard for my brothers kingsize bed in Latte and then went to the pound shop.

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To end the excitment of the pound shop buys we went to Starbucks.

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Which was great as my chest was hurting again and I was feeling rather ill once more just like last week. I resolved this with the cafeen and cheesecake.

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When I did muster up some energy later on I sat at my PC and looked for somewhere to stay at Alpe D'Huez. Theres plenty of places to stay and quiet cheaply with early book discount. But if you want a large apartment now thats a different stroy. Anyway I found somewhere and booked it. Yah miles away yet but I guess and hope it will be nice to go somewhere new. Mind worryingly the guide book does state that this is the only purpose built ski resort to have all south facing slopes. Oh Hum!


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