Thursday, October 15, 2009

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I wanted to watchg Alien. Now I already have this as the four pack but I lent it out and noone ever wanted admit having it to give it me back. So I brought a another copy of it. Yet another special edition pack. All four films - each with two different versions plus another DVD for each of bouns material. In total nine DVD's. To be honest though I'm not ever going to watch anything other than the films. And so I've watched the digiatl remastered and redirected Alien in all its grainy quality on my HD tv (The films looking old now). And I've started to watch Aliens. What I am looking forward to though is the redirected version of ALien 3. Some 30 odd mintues of extra footage which has been added with computer enchanment and visual effects that they weren't able to do back in 1993/4. This is however going to mean that you need to have goood deal of time to watch it all. I ponder though, is all I'm going to see for an extra 30 mintes is people running around the tunnels - if so oh joy..


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