Friday, October 16, 2009

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Friday night 12 of us venture to The Mess in Brewood. Me myself and I have never been so what is it going to be like. We head over to the Swan to meet up first with our friends and the witch.

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What can I say, nice beer, dam good service with a smile, nice decore - although I'm worrid the one chandalier may fall but at the end what was the food like. Unquestinably the deal they have got on at the moment 3 courses for £13 quid is great value and the food was wonderfull. I'd have liked to have seen more chips (and they were proper chips) with my steak but after 3 courses I was full - so I guess I was just thinking greedily and how nice they were. Cuz one thing really bugs me about eating out at most places and that the frozen chips they use! Doh I can do frozen chips at home???? So if I had only been presented with a platful of there chips here I would have most likely been happy here.

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So Big-L were you happy with it as you seemingly didn't make any fuss what so ever????!!!!

Apart from telling or should it be not telling Beardy where the toilet was?


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