Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Saturday afternoon and I head up Stockport to Al ans Zoe.

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It was like you were only here the other day Nack. What you wannna do.

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He shows me something cultural and then asks if I have brought with me the pub trail guide to Stockport?

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"Whats the plan then guys" asks Zoe.

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And before you know it were all getting ready to go to town.

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As we get to town we stumble upon a dog. A dog that seems lost. A dog with a clena pink cllar on it and a capsul for information on it and its owner. There no one about . Its definielty on its own. He's freindly enough and Zoe opens the capsule. He's come all the way from Derbyshire! There's a phone number so I give it a bell, but its unrecongnised now, how odd. We wander the streets with the dog in tow, Zoe asking around it anyone had seen its owner until we come to the square where we meet some people wosre for wear. Yep we know that Dog it comes from so and so pub. Often goes out on its own, has a wlak and then returns. Oddly enough it was the pub we were heading to anyway, so we brought him with us.

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So the first pub the land lady explains its not here dog but the pub owners whos not there and does have another pub in Derbyshire. But the dog does live there and does what it pleases, even sits at the bar. So Alan explains this is the cheapest pub your'll ever visit, a Samuel Smiths if I remember rightly. A proper pub with proper beer. I question if Stockp[ort has any modern pubs. I get asked why and I remind them that Wolvo only has 2 proper pubs now the rest are well modern establishments with created atmosphere and large open rooms. With this we move on to a pub with lost of books and a bar tender whom is most enthusiastic about real beer and proper pubs. Here we are also subjected to a band in a cupboard. Even more suprisingly I ponder if they do not like being on stage. The singer seems to be singing in fast forward and can't get through each song fast enough. The 3 songs though are much slower and much much much better.

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We go to the thatched House to listen to some professional bands playing. We leave the pub when the music stops. Zoe calls for a cab while me and Al go to the Chineese Kitchen justr round the corner. Alan orders some chips and I order something called spicey chips. And while we wait Zoe calls to say the taxi is here. Ere well stall. But for how long? We get our pakets and climb on in. We end the night around Gerd's paradise. Obviously the plan and not drinking too much is going out the window but with Alan asleep and it was hard to get him to finish his last pint. A taxi is called and appears. We leave with a plan of action to leave Alans house by 9am in the morning. We climb in the taxi and just as we head off another on appears. Do you think they sent two???

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