Thursday, October 08, 2009

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Hidden away on BBC on Thursday night was a timless classic drama, with Martin Freeman played Chris Curry and Alexander Armstrong played Sir Clive.

It looks into the life of the home computer in the early eights with Sinclair and Acorn fighting it out. Ironicly they work togeather originaly spliting up when Clive doesn't wnat to follow the computer era. When Chris leaves Sinclair though to start Acorn Clive changes his mind. And whiel Acorn becomes the 'education' computer Chirs wants the games market. And while the Spectrum grabs the games market Clive wants the Educational one. In the end they both go bust but Cluve never gives up on the electric car which ironicaly he pulled off 30 years too early......

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If you weren't lucky ennough to see it, its' now on BBC Iplayer so get on the pc or PS3 to see it.


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