Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Wake up Saturday and realise that perhaps I had too much to drink last night. Head slightly sore this reminds me not to drink too much tonight if I'm going to Alton Towers tommorrow. I here the door being knocked and I go and answer it.

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It the post man and he's making my day by deliverying what I hope is the Fuji Film V10 replacment. Noted as being able to take a photo in 0.18 seconds its fast. Ideally though proof is in the pudding and the V10 was ment to do it in 0.29. But its all to do with turn on time and how quick will it focus. I wait to test it out before selling either my Fuji Film Z100 or the casio EX Z250 which take beautiful photos but is grimley slow.

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And it does take a nice photo.

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I went out with my mom shopping. I'll tell you what I brought in a minute but that afternoon we relaxed in the coffee shop in Codsall. We had a bite to eat and a cup of coffee which went to my head like a pint of beer.

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Yeah a got some more ties. Some vivid and some just yukkkiee.

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