Sunday, October 04, 2009


God darn it I've been on that playstation store again and look what I've brought now. Its interactive via the eyetoy and you can even feed the blighters. But why did I buy it????


Softtop Hardtop came today and the Editor Tracey Sparling has handed it over to someone else. She has made it into a real mag thats intresting and full of articales. I only hope the new editor will continue the improvment.


Went shopping and if I remember then I know what I cna get my mom for Christmas. But will I remember.


I have also brought Rocky and RockyII. I can rememebr Rocky from the one time I was very young and we watched it on the coach when going to Austria skining. Erm A long time ago.


Saturday is ended in th jivans Curry House. We are warmly welcomed and as per usual...


The ewaitress ponders why we even bother to look at the menu and brings over 3 pints of Cobra.


My brother even comments why do we look at the menu?? And so the order was 6 popadoms, 2 chilli pakoras, 2 chicken Zalfrezi madras hot and 2 plain nans. Ah lovely.


Yeah he's having a liquid dinner.


After a fair few pints in the balti house we head over to the Possada.


I spot something on the bar.


Some books about Wolvo.


So we pick them up and get reading.


Eventually they stop serving so we leave.


The cold gets to Beards balls and he goes for a section 5.


Home and the cat is glad to see me. I think.....


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