Friday, November 13, 2009

Cannock cinema has reopened. Way hey..

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After years of waiting Cannock residents are finally set to get their landmark cinema - and developers are calling on our readers to tell them what they what from the multi-million pound facility.

The former Walsall Road cinema, which closed its doors in 2004, has been re-named ‘The Electric Palace Picture House’ and promises to be run as a traditional classic style cinema when it opens its doors in the near future.

Developers Pritchard Group PLC are now calling Cannock folk to tell them what they want from the cinema and how it can best benefit the town.

The cinema, on Walsall Road, has laid empty for five years while developers wrangled with businesses on the site of the proposed multi-million pound development.

Developers eventually had to resort to applying for a compulsory purchase order to buy the land at the corner of the complex from those who owned the Padma restaurant site.

The new complex promises a three screen cinema experience, a cafe area and plans for a conference and meeting room.

Fred Pritchard, of Pritchard Group Plc, said he is in talks with a number of cinema operators with the hope of they will take over the running of the facility.

The Cannock developer said he hoped the cinema would be able to show a cross section of films, from blockbusters to recognised modern classics.

Further plans are on the cards to expand the complex for other leisure activities. Original plans for the Avon Plaza complex included a retail complex and a residential unit. Mr Pritchard said the idea had not been scaled down and the extra facilities would be built into the Walsall Road scheme as soon as land wrangles had been ironed out and funding was secured.

He said the developers decided to go ahead with cinema to get the facility up and running in the meantime.

Mr Pritchard said: “This presents an opportunity to re-introduce the picture house in its regenerated form of hopefully three screens and a 007 cafĂ© bar, giving new impetus to the town centre whilst awaiting the Avon Plaza development, which is also subject to arranging large scale funding, as the banks are not lending at the moment. Again this is another reason why we ‘get up and get on’ as an interim arrangement.

“Three cinema operators are already looking at the project; more will be known in the forth coming weeks.

“It is intended that the films shown will be right across the board from the biggest blockbusters back to the old but popular films – a total cross section to suit we would hope every taste.”

“As unemployment rises and Cannock has the longest dole queue it is hoped that the cinema will bring a bit of light relief and be a destination where people can meet up as part of our community thinking, help and assistance.

“The cinema will be refurbished and regenerated to provide a modern facility for the district of Cannock Chase and beyond.

“It needs the support of all of the people to make it work – so let the Chase Post know as to whether you will support this project by coming along, and if we get a good show of faith by the Cannock Chase people and beyond with this we will certainly make every effort to deliver the project.”


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