Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Saturday I went round my brothers and wrote this on his monitor. It pretty much somes up the dust around the rest of the house.

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Although you could see out of the windows. From here we went to Tescos. Although I did not see him buy any cleaning materials!

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Saturday night was spent in the Hoggshead bringing in another year for NAughty Norf.

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Many ales and some shorts were consumed in this process.

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In fact too many but thats usualy what happens when Matts about.

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From here I headed down broadstreet admiring the knives and what Wovlerhampton Universtiy had done with there new accomadtion building. I mean lighting it up in snot green, what were they thinking? It would look good from the trin window as you glide past at 5 mph?

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Anyway in Jivans home to Wolverhamptons best curries, nan breads, and sizzelers. You'll notice latter that none of them are snot green, not even the lime pickle.

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Me and Beardy decide what to eat. What isn't that hard a choice to be honest.

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A shed load of popadoms, with sauces, a couple of Cobras, a chciken malsalla, a chicken Zalfrazi and 2 nans we are very drunk and happy. Life goes on but I must sleep.


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