Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Well Beardy is a year older and so we went out for Pizza at Wolverhamptons finest pizza establishment - Pizza Hut.

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We all drank Magners with ice to wash down the most beautiful of starters and

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pizza of course. I mean who the hell goes to pizza hut and then eats salad?

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Following filling our bellies at Wolves finest Pizza Establishemnt we decided to wash down the colestrole with some anti colestro ale at Wolverhamptons finst Ale House the Possada. A bit quiet in there at first.

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Made me realise just how low a place Wolverhampton had become at night. Soon we will all have to resort goingto Yatee's.

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And with all that colestrole we had to make sure we drank plenty of ale.

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Having discussed Beard's responisbilites in life he goes on to say he's goingt o learn to drive. Eh?? where did that come from?

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So Beardy have you had a winderfull birthday or not?

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By the time I get home the box ison and an old classic, Four weddings and a funneral. I watch some of it but its time to go to bed.

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That is until I wake up repeatedly with the stomach cramps and finally the shitts. By morning my system is empty and its time to get out of bed.


  1. It is official. There is no fucking limit to what you will photograph.

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm

    oh my god !
    you sad sad man !



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