Saturday, November 14, 2009

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I went to TKMaxx today and I came home with these ski/snowboarding trousers. Too long as usual but my expensive Wesbeach ones have seen there better days so I thought I'd be wise to pick these up while I could. Just enough pockets and unlike my Westbeech one the waist poppers do not pop when I bend down! And now I hav't got any slimmer in that area.

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And while I was there I had a good look thorugh the tie racks there to see if they had any bright and delightful ties. This just hit the mark.

DSCN0379, originally uploaded by nackuk.

And that wasn't the only thing I brought there. Nope I also picked up this usb mirror ball. Ah.

DSCN0380, originally uploaded by nackuk.

I cannot wait to do a video of this for you all to enjoy. mind it is somewhat anyoyingly noisy.


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