Thursday, November 26, 2009

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While I was off work ill the postman made my day with this lot.

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I'm not sure why I brought these off ebay. But I'll try them out. They are half folder screen shades for the Eunos. Designed so that you don't have to move them to lower the top. Yep is it really worth it.? I know my brother brought some but never fitted his!

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Iy green soft top is well turn alge green so I thought I better give it a good clean and then ultra proof it. I don't want to be gettig a wet head now do I. Sounds like a lot of work though.

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Well I have brought Forrest Gump on Blue Ray. I wander when I get time or be in the mood to watch it. Not right now though.

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Well I havn't brought this for cheating but more to see if I'm missing things out by going to fast (ohoh) through the areas. I've suddenly made up lots of lost ground in playing the game.

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Mind once you open it up you suddenly think good god it is huge and is it worth even trying to complete. Anyway I do an area and then check if I've cocked up or if I've missed any items. I have at Ravens headl, I didn't pick up the bobble head which I was trying to get them all. Worse still you cannot go back to Ravens Head! Life goes on for some but not me.


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