Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Works party calls and so it was off to north of Brum at The Ramada Hotel in Penns Road.

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And for some reason my pudding wasn't as large as the persons next to us.

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After dinner there was some singing, dancing and smooching with a lovely girl, before leaving the dance floor to talk.

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At which point I was told it was 1:20am by someone I worked with. Oh bollocks I'd arranged my dad to collect me at midnight. I looked at my phone and yes he had tried to call. Bum bum bum. And so I said my goodbyes and dissapeared promptly with my phone to my ear and heading to the reception for my coat. Once he answered the phone I took a deep breath as he aid he was nearly there and had rung to earlier to advise he was going to be quite late and I should hang around the bar. How things work out sometimes!

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