Tuesday, December 29, 2009

december 2009-a0011, originally uploaded by nackuk.

After a good choclate eating session it was time for a family day out at...

december 2009-a0012, originally uploaded by nackuk.

The Snowdome in Tamworth. They've even built a hotel next to it so that you can stay at the Resort Tamworth for an entire week, just like Alton Towers!

december 2009-a0013, originally uploaded by nackuk.

It was kind of busy and full of people learning, which gave me much practice and digging the edges in to turn just before hitting anyone ;) oh joy...

december 2009-a0019, originally uploaded by nackuk.

We finished off in Starbucks with a nice coffee each and a relax.

december 2009-a0020, originally uploaded by nackuk.

I have got to question though why they have provided disabled toliets and yet no disabled parking spaces? One would think that they arn't expecting any disabled people to come by car, maybe they walk it there instead???


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